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Create A Life-Giving Home

Make home the heartbeat of your life and family! In this 14-lesson series you will be guided on how to vibrantly create a home full of joy – with videos, action-steps, and inspiration that will help you create a life-giving home.


Taught by Kaitlyn Andrews

A woman who has broken the toxic cycles of her childhood home life and has learned to cultivate what home really means -- it is more than she ever thought possible.

Image by Clint McKoy

Peacefully Self-paced

Take time to learn, organize, and nurture your home at a speed that is right for you.

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Easy To-do Action Steps

Take time to apply each small step and you will see what is possible for your home as it unfolds with each step you take.

What you’ll learn:

This course at a glance:

Enjoy from any device

Organize your space, vibrantly create your life-giving home.

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