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Captivating: Welcome


Your Life, Your Beauty, Your Journey

Captivating: About Me

Build from the inside out

Nurture and cultivate relationships

Live True to Your Divine Identity

Refine Your Beauty and Confidence

Hey Girl, 

I'm thrilled you are here because there is something I desire you to know, above all is. You are BEAUTIFUL and STRONG.


I know what it feels like to feel lost, alone, and to loath my life, body, and personality. To try anything and everything and still come up short. 


I know what it feels like to be trapped inside my own mind, to be weighed down and triggered by things that have happened…wondering if there really is more for me than what I see.

I know what it feels like to be searching for something more – more to life, to my body, to my beauty, and to my becoming. 


On one cold March night, I was feeling entirely dejected. Life had done a number of me, and I felt tortured by countless issues which now seemed to comprise everything that I was, I felt I was literally nothing. My fears became louder than my faith. I cried into my dark bedroom, “There has to be more to life than this.”


A flame of hope sparked and came to life as I pondered the what if of this…WHAT IF there really is more to me? 


Now that I understand who I'm and I lead with my best self my question has changed to, “what is possible for me and my life?” The answer has been extraordinary, personal, and celebratory. I desire you to find your own answer to this question. I truly believe God has guided you here and has guided me to create each lesson, of I Am Captivating, to be a source of strength in your life. 


I don’t want you to look back months and years from now and still feel frustrated because you’re still feeling stuck in the same place.


There is a part of you that has always wanted to know what you are capable of.


I am certain that as you come to each coaching session that you will have the personal and lasting results that you desire in your life.

xo- Kaitlyn Andrews

"I absolutely loved having Kaitlyn as my coach! She definitely has a way of making women feel beautiful & empowered. She really helped me personally to find my inner confidence & channel it to accomplish greater things.


I always left feeling uplifted & motivated after every session with her. She also is very educated on a variety of things & has such inspiring experiences that really gave me insight on the type of woman she is.

I would recommend hiring Kaitlyn to anyone who has a desire to be better & needs help finding their best selves. I am so happy I used her services & loved all the material she provided."

-Emily W. USA

Captivating: About
What is included:
Personalized Coaching Sessions

Personalized Coaching Sessions with Kaitlyn.

Each session will include a specific action plan to help you gain momentum and excel in your personal development.

A Personal Styling and Wardrobe Analysis

Take the guess work out of caring for you. Get a complimentary Style and Beauty assessment.

Become truly confident with your own body type and how to style your wardrobe with personality and poise.

Your Own Personal Workbook

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! It is time to have the tools you have always desired to ignite and maintain your true potential.

This workbook is designed to keep all the tools and information you learn in your coaching sessions easy and accessible.

"I found it valuable for someone to reach out to me about my goals and make my progress seem so important. No matter how much progress I made, the coach always encouraged me and made it seem worthwhile. Kaitlyn is an amazing life coach you should take a session from her."

-Wynnie D. USA

What is in each foundation?
Image by NEOM
  • Developing a Relationship with Christ

  • Honoring Your Divine Identity as a Daughter of God

  • Leading with your Kind, Wise, Strong, and Compassionate self

  • Navigating Fears and Growing with the Grace Model

  • Confronting lies, overcoming negative narratives, and tackling limiting beliefs.

  • and more

Image by Oskar Kadaksoo
  • Learning to identify and properly label emotions.

  • Relinquishing shame and bringing light to the soul.

  • Continuing your healing journey with the Heal to Lead 8 Step Process

  • Developing and establishing boundaries.

  • Attain emotional resilience and build a framework of connection.

  • and more

Image by Cat Han
  • Value your body as a gift and learn how to love it right where it is at.

  • Establish a good self-care rhythm that supports and contribute to your life.

  • Organization and systems that support your environment.

  • Tackling habits and pivoting to reach specific goals.

  • Confidently glow by understanding your body type, styling, and color-tones that support your personal beauty.

  • and more!

Wardrobe Analysis
and Body Type:

What you will get:

1. Mood board with your colors

2. Body type booklet

3. Clean closet with styles and colors that work for you.

We will be tackling the wardrobe analysis during the physical foundation section.

Other options:

If you would like to do a personal styling shopping trip, that will be on your own dime, and I will provide a look book with 10 looks to support your shopping experience.

Look books are an extra $75.00 charge.

I found Kaitlyn's real-life experience and her spiritual journey the most valuable to our coaching sessions since she became more relatable and uniquely tuned to me. 

I am beyond blessed to have been coached by Kaitlyn. She has changed my life.

-Nicole D, ID USA

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Free Clarity Call

Want to see what is possible together? Schedule your free clarity call today



Personal Coaching are each individual $47/session, choose a package or pay for each session as needed.

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