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Loving Motherhood

Loving your motherhood means first learning to love yourself. Whether your motherhood feels flawed or chaotic, I invite you to begin, where you are, today. There is real joy and infinite peace that can be found on the other side of the Loving Motherhood experience. 


Motherhood & Me

Kaitlyn is a woman who has had to reforge and redefine what motherhood means. At first motherhood felt like it sucked the life out of Kaitlyn. Now, there is an incomprehensible joy that accompanies 90% of her life now. There really is more to motherhood.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Compassion, Connection, and Coaching

As a mother, your impact and purpose is immense. As a coach, I support mamas in cultivating the truth and power of their motherhood. Please choose a coaching package that works best with you and I will see you there.

Image by Jonathan Borba

A Foundation for Home & Family

Each session will build momentum in your life. You will see greater confidence and understanding of your own worth. You will see connections grow between you and your loved ones. And you will find greater peace as you navigate the different seasons motherhood brings.

What you’ll learn:

Coaching sessions at a glance

Love your motherhood, love your life.

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