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17 Ways A Plant-Based Lifestyle Has Changed My Life

I am a huge advocate for cultivating a personalized beauty body image and care. I believe food is crucial to exquisite and lasting beauty. I also believe that having a mainly plant-based lifestyle has changed my life. I don’t use the word diet because it is a trigger word for me.

I have seen lasting results from eating plant based and I hope one if not many of these will resonate with you, no matter where you are on your personal health journey. I am a beauty coach for women who seek to flourish in their unique and personal extraordinary beauty.

  1. More energy - this alone is enough to say yes to. Your body is running on natural and whole foods. Waking up isn’t nearly as hard, throughout the day there isn’t a sluggish drag where you need that 3 o’clock pick-me-upper. Your blood is cleaner due to the fact that meat causes blood to change and thicken.

  2. Better attitude - My ability to reason and focus was more acute. I was surprised by how I wasn’t constantly trying to find something to satiate my own mood swings, boredom, and insecurities.

  3. Less mood swings - I am more in control of myself. It feels easier to balance myself and to step in the middle of processing and reacting to what is going on around me. I find I am able to balance out my hormones and my body's health and nutrition levels are being met.

  4. Less mucus - You know that annoying phlegm build up on the roof of your mouth when you wake up? Or the crazy amount of mucus that comes out of your nose when you are sick? It is crazy to say this but since I have gone mainly plant-based, I hardly ever wake up with that phlegm in my mouth. My mucus levels are way down, and I don’t feel like it feels the need to drain.

  5. Body odor greatly improves - your body will go through a flushing out period. Then, almost like magic, you don’t smell any more. Your body doesn’t need to drain the toxins from your blood. You are eating cleaner and so your lymphatic channels are cleaner. Therefore, your body odors and fluids are not stinky.

  6. Clear mind - My mind has been incredibly active my entire life. Sometimes, especially after having children, the fuzzy brain never seems to go away entirely. Plant-based changed that for me. I am able to think more clearly, focus for longer periods of time, and reason through decisions, demands, and challenges with much more ease.

  7. Less inflammation - your body is naturally being hydrated more through water-rich foods. Foods that are harvested from the ground or trees are very rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory vitamins, minerals, and even essential micronutrients that sustain healing and function within the body. (Mega anti-inflammatory foods include ginger, cayenne pepper, garlic, turmeric, walnuts, leafy greens, and more.)

  8. Little to no cravings - For generations my side of the family have struggled with fast-food frenzy. We are beyond addicted to it. I saw that I had little to no cravings to even eat fast food and what is super cool is that the smell of my favorite restaurants changed. I no longer smelled comfort food, instead I smelled chemicals.

  9. Open to try new things - What has been so awesome about this journey into a plant-based lifestyle is the ability to try new things, see the fruits and vegetables I have grown up eating specific ways be utilized so diversely is is just astounding to see how many flavors I was missing out on because of the way I was cooking or using a specific fruit or veggie.

  10. There is always another way to make something - I cannot believe how many substitutes there are. I have included a list below of resources and substitutes that have helped me transition effortlessly into plant-based recipes. (See below)

  11. More body connection - I listen better and I find my body is able to communicate with me more effectively what it needs, when it needs it, and how much it needs. I am amazed at how when I start to eat something it tells me the right way - beyond the initial tongue dialog - how the food I am eating will do in the rest of my body.

  12. Greater endurance - Yes more energy, yet I don’t fatigue nearly as quick. I am able to sustain better and more quality work outs with more ease. I found that I was able to go longer on my walks or even run with more efficiency. It is amazing how much more I was able to endure beyond what was usually typical for my physical needs. No more feeling out of breath once at the top of a hill or climbing stairs - it's a bonus for sure.

  13. Better fueled - Each meal makes a contribution to body health and wellbeing. Each meal is packed with nutrient rich food and there are countless ways to cook with the same items. The food doesn’t give a heavy feeling, it is filling and propelling long after one eats.

  14. Smooth Bowel movements - your body doesn’t have to break down nearly as many processed foods, sugars, nor gluten (especially, if you are strict with the grains and sugar you allow). There are more fiber-rich foods and more natural hydration due to the fact that plants carry more water in them.

  15. Better sleep - This is a beauty MUST; sleeping is a time of rejuvenation. It is crucial to get sleep for mental and basic body function requirements. Sleep gets easier because the foods you eat throughout the day contain different proteins and amino acids like tryptophan and melatonin that are found in seeds, nuts, and leafy greens. These support what experts call “good sleep hygiene”.

  16. Intercourse Desire is raised - your libido rises exponentially when on plant-based foods. Your ability to lubricate during intercourse is increased. Your body is well supported, and you feel your emotions more acutely. Sexual desire and pleasure grow exponentially. A big bonus if you ask me. For males, with penises, the ability to stay stronger -- longer -- is also an added, added bonus.

  17. Sickness doesn’t stay, it also feels we get sick less - I am married and we have three children, this means we can catch all sorts of sickness due to the places we visit and the lower immune system my children have. Since going plant-based, we have seen a greater increase in immune support and when we do get sick, it isn’t as severe. Our ability to fight off and support our body is greater. We replenish and renew with much more ease. This is incredible. Health is life.

What an incredible list of changes that have occurred since adopting the plant-based lifestyle. I am sure there are a couple you are curious to see if they will work. Which one stands out to you? Please leave a comment below.

BONUS: What is amazing is that you can see some of these benefits within 72 hours of starting. The lasting impact of a 7-day trial of it will just amaze you. That is how I started, just testing the waters, so to speak, and now I will never go back.

Disclaimer: I don’t say I am entirely plant-based. I still eat meat. I eat it sparingly when I visit others, attend holiday traditions, and celebrate special occasions. I also love pizza and gelato; I tend to eat those about twice a month.

Other resources that are a must if starting out:


  • Just Eggs (JUST Egg | Home - which can be found locally)

  • Beyond beef or Impossible Vegan Ground Beef | Plant-Based Ground Beef | Beyond Meat - they offer a variety of sausages both breakfast and bangers as well as patties and ground “beef”. Beyond beef is incredibly delicious.

  • Flax meal - substitute for eggs and works so well in all kinds of baked good recipes

  • So Delicious Dairy Free “Oat milk” Ice cream is incredible

  • Sprouts sells a personal brand ice cream that has variety and quantity that is wonderful.

  • Cado Ice Cream is always a crowd favorite Flavors | Cado Avocado Ice Cream

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