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3 Things to Gather When Creating A Timeless Baby Book

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Baby books are special. They are timeless. They are a way in which we can look back and share in the memories of what our child was like when they were little and to remember just how much we love them.

I cannot tell you how many times I poured over my own baby book. Often, I found myself looking for some evidence of who I am, that I am loved, and a sense that I belong to this family of mine. What do you look for when you look at your baby book? For each person it may be a little different.

The purpose of baby books:

Each baby book is made to convey just how special it is that this child is born.

It is so important to take the time to create a book that specifically celebrates your child and that shares with them just how much you love them.

Today I am going to share with you three essential things to gather when preparing to create your child’s baby book.

#1 Gather Memories

While your child is in your womb and after your child has been born. Record memories. Any impressions that you have while you are pregnant with the child and as you began to get to know your child.

Journal Prompts:

  • What would you tell your child if you could talk to them right before they came into your home?

  • What would you like your child to know about who they are?

  • What made your child special: How would you like them to be remembered? What made them who they are? What behaviors did they do often?

  • Record impressions of love as you connect with your child.

The key is to be personal. The more you can share details or little stories about what they did or how you love them, the more beautiful the book will come together, and it will be a treasure in their lives forever.

From a personal standpoint, I had three children in three years. I knew I was bound to mix up each of their birthing stories and each of their little quirks. I began recording experiences even pre-birth, while they were still in my womb. I prayed to know them before they were even born. Words cannot describe what sacred and beautiful experiences I had as I sought to know them and prepare a place just for them in my home.

While preparing my third child’s baby book, I realized that when she was about 6 months old, I had taken the time to write down quirks and little funny things that I loved and noticed about her. Each of my kids have come with their own personalities and with their own pizzazz for life. I am honestly so grateful I took the time to write out what she was like as a baby. It made me so happy to read the little things I loved about her, and it rekindled my love for her as I reminded myself what made her special.

#2 Gather Photos

The key to gathering photos is to choose the photos that represent your child the best. I am sure you have heard the phrase, “a picture says a thousand words” and it is true! Every single time your child opens their baby book it is the pictures they will look at and will rejoice in.

Choose pictures that truly are this child’s personality through and through. Which pictures boldly and irreplaceably show who they are and what they were like.

A good place to start:

  • What facial expressions were just theirs?

  • What mischief could only they manage?

  • In what ways did this child connect with those around them, were they silly, calm, boisterous, shy, loud, etc.?

Find photos that reflect connection to home, family, and life. A baby book is a celebration of their journey beginning on this incredible earth. Share your love for them with the pictures you choose and the words you write near and around the pictures.

Your child will feel your love for them, and they will be so happy when their spouse asks them one day, “what did you look like as a baby?”, or “I think our baby looks more like___ as a baby” and they will know. It is so fun to see how for generations this little book will impact a family lineage.

#3 Gather Special Items

Gathering and adding special items will make your child’s baby book come to life. Special items are things that were special or particular to the baby when they were little.

This can include:

  • Bows

  • Medical bracelets

  • Little blankets, socks you found particularly cute on them, or an outfit

  • Their favorite toy

  • Etc.

Depending on what kind of baby book you are doing, if it is digital or handmade, it adds a little something special to the book that makes it really come alive.

If digital, consider adding a pouch to the back of the book that you can store little items in.

If it is handmade, add an extra protective sleeve to the binder and gather all the things in there.

A little something extra:

Are you wanting to add a little extra something to your child’s baby book? Create something special for them that is just for them. I have seen moms crochet a little yarn cap for their baby or construct a little bracelet for their ankle or wrist.

What do you feel inspired to create for your little one?

My own mother printed my name in large letters and put little line drawings under it and colored it. She hung it above my crib when I was a new baby and now it is the cover of my baby book. Every time I see it I think, how special, my mom made that just for me. I can tell you now, it makes me so happy inside every time I see it.

Whatever it is that you choose to make, it will be special for your child.

It is the little things that bring vibrancy to the seemingly ordinary. Keep that in mind as you prepare the little items that you would like to gather for your child’s baby book.

It’s Time to Start Creating

I invite you to start now in preparing to write and create your child’s baby book. Start gathering now the impressions, photos, and little items that mean something to your child and that makes them special.

Years will go on and you will find that there will be times when they ask you about what they were like when they were little. You will have the opportunity time and again to share with them why they are special to you and why you love them so much. A baby book creates an opportunity to connect and celebrate your child and how they came to be.

Start today to gather memories to share, photos that inspire and connect, and items that add a little something special to your child’s baby book. You can do this!

Written by: Kaitlyn Andrews, Beauty and Confidence Coach at The Art of Womanliness

Article Written By: Kaitlyn Andrews, an International Life Coach for Women

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