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5 Simples Ways to Unlock Happiness in Your Life

Updated: May 23

Like you, I have struggled with happiness. I never seem to hold on to it long, until I found these five simple ways to build lasting happiness in my life. I invite you to read through them and figure out which one resonates most with you.

Here's a thought: What if happiness always exists and all you need to do is find your most direct path to it?

5 Simple Ways To Unlock Happiness In Life

  1. Increase Awareness: I put this as the first one because honestly, I had to recognize exactly where I was in order to establish a plan to effectively get out of the dumps. The moment that I walked up to all of the crap in my life, all the hardships and challenges, the moment I embraced myself exactly where I was -- was the moment that I took my power back.

  2. Carve out more time for devotion: There are moments that transcend and finding those moments is a life pursuit because I love to feel a part of something greater than myself. I love to feel connected and also completely myself in those moments of connection. Carve out a little time in the mornings to sit and be still, to read the scriptures, the quran, or prayers that elevate your heart. Take time to pray, to ponder, and to understand your heart. Take time for your heart to be released from the straps that hold it hostage and be willing to feel. Devotion to a higher being is beautiful. As you learn to devoutly worship in your own way, you increase your devotion for life itself.

  3. Stabilize then influence: You are your greatest asset and your greatest mission. You are creating your life and living by default serves no one and it definitely doesn’t serve you. Stabilize your life, create habits that support you to a higher standard of capability. Find methods that not only ignites your potential but manifests your unique incredibleness that only you can be. I believe we are all looking for this stability and once we have it I invite you to love more, to laugh more, and to connect more authentically with those around you. Life is better when it is shared, this is something I have learned time and again.

  4. Remember and you’ll be remembered: We are all a part of this world and you being here is a catalyst that brings power to those around you and power to choose what you create for yourself. You are you and that is beautiful. (If you don’t know who you are, let’s find out together). It is the small things that really make the difference. Remembering is half the battle. Commit to being someone who remembers the small things, the dreams of others, and the stories people entrust to your ears. Remember things that matter to you and stay focused on them. Say no to the things that do not support your happiness, don’t commit to people, events, or obligations that drag you down. You have a choice and if you commit, be remembered as a person who follows through. If you don’t want to then don’t commit. And remember to hold true even if it doesn’t work for others.

  5. Plan and prepare: Life's opportunities and challenges come in waves. Own those waves and you will find yourself soaring instead of sinking. When you prepare for and raise your level of readiness you will be able to face uncertainties with a pivoting stability and keen resolution. Preparing needs to be paired with planning. Planning is effective when it is consistently committed to and is both flexible and stable.

Curate your happiness today by effectively bringing the best you into your life.

You can bring happiness to your life, it is your choice and the power has always been yours.

What brings you the most happiness? What is one thing you can do today to bring more happiness into your life? Lastly, which one of these resonated most with you? I look forward to connecting with you, please leave a comment below.

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