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Decrease Stress Through 5 Easy Steps

Updated: May 23

Are you Breaking down? Is it getting harder to manage and balance your time and demands? Let's take a deep breath and break it down to bite-size steps.

With Covid, each had to face many new challenges and learn to pivot. No matter what happens next, we need to know that we can face anything well. I would like to give you a simple step-by-step way to overcome your breakdowns.

Decrease Stress by Breaking down the task:

  1. Plan it out: Where there is no vision you will get distracted or worse, not finish. Planning helps you know where you are going and what needs to be done first (prioritizing)

  2. Bite-size It: Do you have a big project due? Are there many expectations or obligations? Take time to break down the load.

  3. Decide what is the end goal and desired result

  4. Determined the priorities

  5. Decisively take action on the first.

  6. Just Start: see your progress as you work through each step. It is important to get something out there so you first can identify what it isn’t to really clearly put out what it is. Working with nothing is a challenge, working with something is better.

  7. Return to finish: You have started now let's finish. What needs to happen for this project or obligation/expectation to be finished? Once you have made or done something it’s time to finish it by refining, executing, taking action, etc. This is where counsel or mentoring needs to take place. Toggling between items or goals is a foolish waste of time. Your effectiveness will decrease and your ability to finish may or may not occur. Give yourself the best and finish what you start. This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and stress causing you to break down.

  8. Celebrate: Once finished, stop and celebrate it. No matter what you just finished doing or making it is important to stop and admire it and rejoice that you did your best. Then you can continue onto your next project, obligation, or the demands that are upon you.

Take a moment and look at each of these steps. Choose one that is a right fit for you. You can face your challenges with less breakdowns. Apply these and you will find you can be more effective and capable in your day-to-day life.

Instead of letting stress break you down decided now to decrease stress by applying the 5 simple steps above. Share your experience the comment section below.

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