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Easy Pelvic Floor Care Routine

Updated: May 22

There seems to be a lack of teaching in this area. If you, like me, have ever struggled with your pelvic floor here are 4 easy steps you can do to improve your pelvic floor care routine.

  1. Kegels are a must: Building the intricate and small muscles located on the pelvic floor is essential for lasting strength. It is important to create a cue in your life where you will practice your kegels. When is a good time for you to practice your kegels? Is it when you see your pillow at night? Is it when you’re stopped at a red light? This video is a great place to start if you don’t even know how to do a kegel, see kegel video below.

  2. Engage your core as much as you can - your core muscles come down towards your vaginal muscles. The more you can engage your kegel muscles when you stand up and sit down + your core muscles (abdominals) the more you will be able to sustain a proper position for your pelvic bones and floor. Tip: Be sure to support your lower back when you sit. Chairs need to be firm and comfortable (pillow recommendation below).

  3. Exercise regularly with awareness - I have found that if I just take a walk regularly every day, my pelvic floor is stronger. Walking is a very beneficial exercise. Look for coaches and experts who understand women’s hormones and how a woman’s body works.

  4. Take care of your vagina - practice proper hygiene and care before, during, and after periods. During intercourse and while practicing proper hygiene routines. Period hygiene includes how long a tampon stays in to how you support your body through foods and choices for PMS and Periods. ( I mentor women to help them learn more about flourishing in their beauty by establishing beauty practices and more, check it out here)

What is one cue you can bring into your life that will help you start caring for your pelvic floor? Share in the comments below

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Kegel Video: Kegels Exercises for Women - Complete BEGINNERS Guide

Pillow recommendation: This pillow helps facilitate good posture and supports pelvic health The Original McKenzie Super Roll by OPTP (708) : Health & Household

A woman in workout clothes holding a yoga mat and a rubber item.

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