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How to Celebrate Your Motherhood on Mother's Day

Updated: May 22

Your motherhood is personal. It is a journey that every new mama takes.

The journey to uncover and cultivate motherhood is usually one of self-discovery and radical transformation. Radical because motherhood is a catalyst that will change your life forever.

Motherhood changes the meaning of life. It shifts the purpose, and it brings a level of joy, compassion, connection, and belonging that cannot be found anywhere else.

Coming to love your motherhood is essential for the success and enduring connection that can be found with your children and spouse.

The Price of Motherhood:

Often times there is cringe that audibly is heard as mothers are celebrated on Mother's Day. Perhaps this cringe comes because we are shy about being the center of attention or maybe it is because we don't feel we do enough and so the celebration is not earned.

Whatever the reason for not wanting to be celebrated on Mother's Day I would like for you to consider the immense and beautiful act that motherhood is.

Imagine your little one, your child, waiting to come to your home. Before they were born, imagine that you met your child before you came to this world. That you talked together, and your future child came to you and said,

"Will you be my mother? Will you comfort me when I am afraid? Will you teach me to remember who I am? Will you raise me in love? Will you take care of me when I am at my weakest?"

This is the special and specific care of mothers. To help cultivate incredible beings who are designed to flourish and grow here upon the earth. What an honor to care for, support, and mentor the rising generation.

The price of motherhood is great. It is long nights, overwhelming emotions, joyful rejoicings, and so much more. It is a relinquishing of your will and often your independence for the sacred and special connection with your children. It is the infusing of all that you have learned and all that you will learn into the cultivating of a family unit that will be the foundation of your children's lives for decades to come.

The calling to Motherhood

Yours is the role that is nearest to God's love. It is where your child will learn to understand who God is, who he is to God, and how to love God because of the way you love him.

Yours is the special and intimate connection. To bear within your body the priceless treasure that will shape your life in unique and vibrant ways. To listen and nurture that tiny human, to feel who they are, and to always remember the intricate and personal gift you have given them,

Yours is the tough and difficult path as you parent and mentor your child. To teach and nurture them in a home environment that supports their true divine nature. That cultivates their minds and spirits towards truth and correct principles. To honor their choices and to trust that they will make wholesome and lifegiving choices.

Yours is the commitment to honor your own motherhood, to create and cultivate it to be something more than you ever realized it could be. Yours is the choice to hold on when others are loosing their grip. To cry and to pray over the challenges of life. To fully commit to cultivating home to be an environment of growth, rest, and cultivation. Yours is the quiet moments of true devotion that connect you to God's strength and to seek God's wisdom as you speak, act, and become through all that motherhood requires of you for your learning and good.

This is the price of motherhood.

Motherhood is a part of womanhood, they are inseparable, they are complimentary, and they transcend what the real meaning of life is.

What if I don't know how to love my motherhood yet?

Begin where you are:

Start today by debunking all the lies or even unattainable expectations that come with motherhood. And sift through them as you decide what kind of mother you desire to be.

Give yourself grace:

it is important to understand that you are a co-creator with God. That you have an infinite capacity to be radiant. You are also human, you fall short, you make mistakes, and it is important to understand that falling short doesn't mean failing, it means you can rely even more upon Jesus Christ as you continue to keep pressing forward. Give yourself grace where you are at and allow yourself to keep working for the dream and vision you have for your family.

Seek out the Joy:

It is easy to focus on what needs to be done and get done instead of seeing ourselves as part of something extraordinary. There is joy to be found. It is found in the small details, the simple pleasures, the messy tables, and the crazy moments. Please seek out the joy.

Hire a Coach:

If you are struggling to find your identity and to find what motherhood means to you, it is great to hire a coach to help you navigate and bring forward the mother you always had imagined you would be. As women, we have the capacity to support and lift one another in ways that are empowering and encouraging. If you are interested in learning more, contact Kaitlyn Andrews, A Christian Mama Coach on instagram @topknotch_mamas or schedule a free clarity call at

This article was written by Kaitlyn Andrews, Life Coach For Women

A woman with her two children as they are making and preparing food.

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