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Rejuvenate Your Parenthood by Implementing Quiet Time

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

You are worn out. In fact, you are so worn out that you feel you may never replenish the deep foreboding tiredness that has set in. There is this deep nagging feeling that never seems to go away, and you are left wondering if you really are a good parent and if you really can do this whole "raising a child" thing.

Quiet time is just something that came to me when I was trying to figure out my needs as a parent. I hope that this tool will help you with your parenting journey and that if implemented will yield great rewards.

The purpose of quiet time:

  1. To allow each child and adult to self-regulate and rejuvenate

  2. To enjoy time alone. Learning how to self-sooth and self-entertain

  3. To give time to explore new things, work through emotions, and learn to sit with themselves.

How to implement an effective Quiet Time:

  1. Pre-set the amount of time you need to have an effective break, to be rejuvenated and ready for the evening demands.

  2. Set clear boundaries of what is allowed and not allowed during quiet time.

  3. Create purpose around quiet time so that it becomes a practice not just a thing you do. (See this article for more details about Quiet Time)

Challenges That Might Occur:

  1. They may want out of their rooms

  2. They want a snack

  3. They're bored

  4. This is new and they are all alone. Etc.

The list is long and you will find the tactics your child uses to get out of this. Hold true! It will take a couple of weeks of consistent effort to see the return.

The QUIET TIME Promise:

  1. More time to rejuvenate yourself and regain sanity.

  2. Getting things done that need to be done during the day - paying bills, calling someone back, setting up appointments (doctors, hair, etc.).

  3. It sets a tone for your child to learn how to self-entertain, self-soothe, self-motivate, and to sit with one’s emotions.

  4. More play time - unmanaged and completely free. Your child needs to play, it is how they work through the hard feelings they have and to express themselves in exploring ways.

I invite you to start small and add time to quiet time. If implemented effectively there will be a great return.

Rule of Thumb: What time of day do you get most depleted? This is the best time to implement quiet time.

What needs to happen so you can try out Quiet Time with your family? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Article Written By: Kaitlyn Andrews, an International Life Coach for Women

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