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THE CYCLE OF LIVING - How to shape it so you spiral upwards

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Have you wondered what your cycle is? Have you paid attention to yourself to know when you stop trying and binge watch your favorite show? Do you know yourself well enough that when you are triggered you know how to get yourself of the rut that always runs your mind into your dark place? Do you know when you beat yourself up in your mind, self-abusing any progress or chance of it in the process?

These are your cycles. Your entire body is built upon cycles and systems. Daily your heart pumps 7,200 liters of blood every day with roughly 6,220,800 beats.

Your body is always changing and cycling through the daily demands and needs that living requires.

You have an emotional cycle and a spiritual cycle. These are also important to tune into. You need to know yourself better than anyone else and to be an advocate for yourself when something doesn't feel right, isn't working right, and isn't functioning.

Know what makes your spirit hurt, what makes your energy drop, what makes you feel lonely, horrid, and that increases your negative-self talk. Know what is damaging yourself worth and then stop it. Just don't engage with it. It is self-abuse.

My old cycle.... Compare. Fantasize. Worthless.


The way that I live my new cycle

  1. I know who I am and she is beautiful to me. My desire to bring my best into every day with my imperfections are my strength as I rely on God. I expand in the beauty of pure love both from myself and my God. This is the gift I give to others.

  2. I express myself openly, I allow myself to feel and I work myself through hard emotions. I find that I still struggle with patience and persistence. Audaciously, I throw myself into life allowing myself to enter the arena of my life. I don't just exist, I live, I love, and I celebrate my life.

  3. Each day, I seek to build connections. Touchpoints with myself, with my children, with my spouse, with God. I seek to build up those around me and to connect with the present moment. There is that special moment where through me God helps me to connect with others and our conversation is transendent.

This cycle is something every single person can have. A life where you are living in your truth, love, and light.

You can take the next step to owning your life through the cycles you allow. Through the paths you climb, and by the trajectory you decide. Life will happen. Lean in and focus your progression spiral upwards. New heights away you, new challenges are yours to understand.

“ Experience is merely the name men gave to their mistakes. ” — Oscar Wilde

Decide today to own your cycles and you will find you spiral into all that you are designed to be.

If this interests you, please check out my mentorship, Captivating Womanhood.

What inspires you to love life? Share in the comments below, you might be the support someone else needs, share with a friend!

Article Written By: Kaitlyn Andrews, an International Life Coach for Women

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