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Ignite & Celebrate Your Life

Hello, I'm Kaitlyn

I passionately empower women to successfully own their true identity and beauty with joy and celebration. 

First, everything I do is centered in God.


I work from the inside out.  Establishing your personal identity in God and fortifying your emotional and mental resilience is foundational to leading a life of joy. 

Secondly, I believe you choose what you create.


At the heart of everything, I believe I choose what I create -- be this my habits, my talents, my marriage, my motherhood, my career, my learning, -- in ANYTHING, it is my choice to choose what I will create. I teach women to do the same.​

Lastly, Step into what is possible.

As a certified life coach and personal stylist, I provide you with the lasting habits, systems, and tools to support your spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.


Get ready to ignite and celebrate your life.

My Method


As a woman of faith and a certified Life Coach, I could not do any of what I do without putting God at the center. 
Building a strong Spiritual Foundation first is essential to joy, healing, peace, and a fulfilling life. Who doesn't want that?!
Through this process, I assist clients in discovering and embracing their personal identity while simultaneously connecting to their Divine Identity.


Emotions are essential to the way you interact and connect with the world. I specialize in helping each clients identify, diffuse, repair, and cultivate emotional stability, awareness, and understanding.
I help every clients establish and lead with their kind, wise, strong, and compassionate version of themselves.
I strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for each clients to explore their inner selves and create a life they can be proud of.


 I believe every woman deserves to celebrate her beauty.
 As a result of this belief, I focus on habits that will strengthen your health, beauty, and wellness practices to secure a foundation of self-love and confidence that will last for decades to come.
As a certified Personal Stylist, I provide personal styling services to ensure that every client loves their body, confidently can elevate their wardrobe, and celebrate the beauty that is all their own.

Kaitlyn is very spiritual and kind but will keep you accountable always due to her natural loving and growth mindset.

I found Kaitlyn's real-life experience and her spiritual journey the most valuable to our coaching sessions since she became more relatable and uniquely tuned to me.

-Nicole D, ID USA

Who Kaitlyn's Coaching Services Are For:

For women who want to:

  • Be more Christ-centered.

  • Build self-care.

  • Be a better woman.

  • Love your body and own your style.

  • Meet the demands of life.

  • Overcome burnout and overwhelm.

  • Have peace and lead from a place of intention.

  • Have more direction and accountability in their life.

You can become all you desire to be. Learn more about what is possible for you establish your spiritual > emotional > physical foundations.

“I loved working with Kate, she's so warm and uplifting. She was there for me, rooting me on all the way. She showed true interest in helping me. She had good working modules that really helped me. Overall, I was so happy to work with her and would definitely recommend her to my friends ❤.”


-Hulda H, Iceland

What Coaching Sessions with Kaitlyn Look Like...
Personal coaching sessions are uniquely tailored and self-paced according to your personal needs.
The first session will be a goal setting and getting-to-know you session.
Sessions will be held online or in-person (if local).
Each session will go through this rhythm:
1. Begin with a prayer
2. Review assignment from the week prior
3. Learn a new principle.
4. Answer any questions
5. Create an action assignment with that principle
Each session is 1 hour.
Payment options available.

"I absolutely loved having Kaitlyn as my coach! She definitely has a way of making women feel beautiful & empowered. She really helped me personally to find my inner confidence & channel it to accomplish greater things.


I always left feeling uplifted & motivated after every session with her. She also is very educated on a variety of things & has such inspiring experiences that really gave me insight on the type of woman she is.

​I would recommend hiring Kaitlyn to anyone who has a desire to be better & needs help finding their best selves. I am so happy I used her services & loved all the material she provided."

-Emily W. USA


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